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IT consulting

Data Recovery and Data Erasure

With its own means and in specific cases with the help of partner companies it performs data recovery from damaged magnetic media. Data loss from hard drives or other storage media is more common than you might think. Hardware failure, computer viruses, natural events, human errors are all causes that can cause the unavailability of data.

Penetration Test

It consists in testing the security of a system trying to violate it by subjecting it to a wide variety of cyber attacks and not. The aim is to identify any vulnerabilities exploitable by third parties to obtain unauthorized access to the services and systems analyzed. Investing in security testing ensures greater reliability from your users.

System Architecture

is the technique that deals with the creation of computer facilities, whether they are oriented to the domestic or residential user that business, (professionals rather than companies). Working in accessible, easy and optimal mode allows for greater work efficiency. System architecture is the conceptual model that defines the structure, the behavior of a system.

Research and development

Our secret is not to stop at the first results. We are constantly striving to update and specialize our skills in order to keep pace with technology and be able to live up to the computerization requirements of individual sectors, departments and even complex business organizations. New challenges await us!


The difference from our competitors

Digital Forensic: computer science and forensic investigation

The set of professional skills made of techniques and protocols that studies the identification, preservation, protection, documentation, extraction and any form of processing of computer data in order to be evaluated in a legal process. It studies, for evidentiary purposes, the techniques and tools for the methodological examination of computer systems.

Data recovery

Have you lost your data, private or business? We offer you a professional and timely recovery service. Asktodina, partnered with Kroll Ontrack, a leader in the data recovery market for over 20 years, to provide professional data recovery services to restore work or personal information from any media and operating system.    


Thanks to a team of IT professionals, it operates in the IT sector through the use of innovative technologies, digital solutions and cutting-edge programming methodologies. We can advise the customer on the type of connectivity that his company should have, taking into account the parameters analyzed (locations, number of users, services available through the network,…).
We provide this type of support to companies because we have noticed the difficulty in understanding the differences in costs and therefore of service between domestic and business lines.

Products for Companies and Professionals

Services for Public Bodies

Core business, the corporate mission

The ability to represent the company also with the quality of the orders have created the conditions so that the original purpose of the enterprise could further grow allowing significant investments in the field of forensic analysis investing in technologies and development software, these investments have made it possible to obtain important results in delicate investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples and the Judicial Police.

Data Recovery e Data Erasure
Penetration Test
System Architecture
Digital Forensic

Who is Asktodina?

Asktodina has a thirty-year and excellent IT career. Fifteen years ago we wanted to invest in our dream. A natural evolution of the career of an innovative project, based on a philosophy of consulting made enterprise, described in the identifying motto: “Ask To Na” ask Christmas. In fact, an ambitious project in which we all pour ourselves, in which we believe daily with commitment, will and the goal of improving ourselves.


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